Scriveremo Publishing presents
Seymour's Cryptoquotes -
Inspirational & Wise
Unlock the Wisdom

240 inspiring and insightful quotations from people of all walks of life, such as Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Asimov, Eleanor Roosevelt, Francis of Assisi, and Alexander the Great, are encrypted in this book, waiting for you to decode them. You will be entertained for hours as you solve each puzzle to reveal an uplifting passage or alternative way of looking at the world.

The cryptoquotes are sorted in order of difficulty, from least to most. There are three sets of hints to the answers given at the front and solutions to all puzzles are in the back.

This is an excellent book for people of all ages who just can't get enough of cryptograms and word puzzles! It's a wonderful way to exercise the brain and lift the heart.

In large print.
Each book is text book sized, at 22 X 28 cms (8.5 X 11 inches) with 164 pages.

They are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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