Scriveremo Publishing presents
Seymour's Scramble Searches
A new kind of puzzle combining the brain twisting action of word scrambles with the thrill-of-the-hunt fun of word searches.

Word puzzles entertain us while sharpening our brains. This book of 100 puzzles covers 10 theme sets and is great for any word puzzle lover. Each puzzle has 20 scrambled words to be solved, then they must be found in the grid of letters above. Word lists are provided in the front so you know what you are looking for, and solutions are given in the back.

These combined games will provide hours of entertainment and maybe even teach you some new words. Once you begin working on these addictive puzzles, you won’t be able to stop.

Each book has a Theme set:
• Themes 1: Animals; Around the House; Birds & Insects; Clothing; Colours & Fabrics; Days, Months, Seasons; Family; Numbers; Parts of the Body; Places
• Themes 2: Airport; Bank; Farm; Hotel; Hygiene & Pharmacy; Postal; Library; Restaurant & Shopping; School; Food & Beverages
• Themes 3: Backyard; Beach; Camping; Castles, Kings, & Queens; Cooking Tools; Driving; Flowers; Fruits & Vegetables; Halloween; Monsters & Mythical Beasts
• Themes 4: Baseball; Bodies of Water; Cars; Circus & Fairs; Desserts & Sweets; Fish; Herbs & Spices; Musical Instruments; Pirate; Rainforest
Each book is text book sized, at 22 X 28 cms (8.5 X 11 inches) with 166 pages.

They are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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